Be sure you know what to do in an emergency, for example if the area you are in has to be evacuated, or if someone has an accident As you move around the area that you are in, don't pass by an unsafe situation without comment, otherwise you are condoning what is going on – show your concern. Remember, if you are concerned with an unsafe condition, particularly in the area that you are, then report it. If you don't, someone may be injured. You should know where the nearest first-aid kit is and who the trained first- aiders are, as well as the emergency telephone numbers to use. If an accident occurs and help is needed, send for it immediately. If an ambulance is required, arrange for it to be directed to the scene of the accident without delay. Remember, if you have an accident at work, no matter how minor it is, you must report it to your supervisor. If you don't report it, steps cannot be taken to stop a similar accident happening again. You should also know the an emergency fire plan for the area where your are, and where the fire assembly point is. The plan makes sure that everyone on site reaches safety if there is a fire. If you do not know the plan, or don't understand something about it, ask for it to be explained to you. Check where the emergency exits are from where you are and that they are kept clear. If you are working in, or near to, an emergency exit; do not block it. This is important, as people can easily become trapped, especially where they are above, or below, ground level. Fire can grow extremely rapidly and delay in reacting to it can be fatal. Not only can people be killed or injured, but fire can also be financially devastating to those involved.
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