straight forward health and safty advice 
Modern fire extinguishers are coloured red, or may have a self coloured metal body, with a different coloured panel or band on the body The colours show which type of fire the extinguisher is most suitable for. Colour Type Used for Works by
Water (RED)
Fires involving organic combustible materials - paper, wood, fabrics, etc - should not be used around electrical equipment 
Cooling the fire, then cooling the burning media to prevent re-ignition
Carbon Dioxide - CO 2 (BLACK)
Fires involving electricity and flammable liquid - watch out for the cold discharge nozzle
Excluding the oxygen supply
ABC Dry Powder (BLUE)
Extremely effective for putting out almost any fire - the only effective solution for burning gases  
Smothering the fire
Fire involving burning liquids and/or organic combustible materials
Smothering the fire and  preventing re-ignition
Wet Chemical (YELLOW)
Large burning oil fires - ideally suited to the kitchen environment where there are cooking oils, fats, grease etc.
Smothering the fire
Water Mist (WHITE)
A new technology that is ideal for covering multiple fire risks, such as general fires, as well as deep fat fryer and electrical fires  - the ‘green’ choice - no chemicals involved
Cooling the fire, suffocating it and then cooling the burning media to prevent re- ignition
Accidents & emergencies